Landlords drowning in red tape, says association

Quinte Region Landlords Association president Robert Gentile. jpg, BI

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A group representing rental housing owners says property owners are being regulated to death by the provincial body overseeing the rental sector.

And to help landlords who say they are being snowed under by red tape and nonsensical rules, the local Quinte Region Landlords Association is extending a helping hand.

In a statement issued by the association Friday, organizers said they have planned a special meeting for landlords to help them overcome what they deem unfair targeting by the Ontario government and its Landlord and Tenant Board.

Dubbed an “LTB Survival Seminar”, the session is slated for October 16 to coach housing providers how to “navigate the labyrinth of unfair rules and procedures,” the association said.

The group’s president, Robert Gentile, told The Intelligencer that despite criticism of landlords now amid a housing crisis, property owners are being unfairly treated by the province.

“We recognize tenants have legitimate complaints,” Gentile said. “But the way the system is set up is that it is not delivering fair and efficient justice the way it should be” for landlords either.

Gentile said “there needs to be an overhaul.”

By and large, property owners are average people for the most part much like their tenants, he said, and hold down middle-class jobs across Quinte.

He noted many are firefighters and military service personnel or construction workers “who have tried to invest for their retirement.”

“Going before the LTB is like being thrown to the wolves,” Gentile said. “It’s literally survival of the fittest and a lot of innocent landlords are being eaten alive.”

He said the LTB in conjunction with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) are stifling new housing and creating dangerous situations in Quinte.

“Numerous procedural hoops can make it difficult for landlords to enforce rent collection and evictions, allowing fraudulent tenants to remain in their units rent-free for months.”

Gentile says the October 16 seminar will teach attendees common pitfalls and land mines at the LTB, explain the processes, and reveal how landlords can stick handle their way through. “Our members are better informed than the average landlord because we provide this kind of quality education on an ongoing basis.”

To learn more about the invitation-only event for housing providers and local agencies, attendees are asked to pre-register by filling out the contact form on the association’s website